Dogs LOVE Elaine’s Canine Cookies! Read on for some testimonials from some very satisfied pooches, or visit our Facebook page for the latest reviews from our friends.

Elaine!!! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ the cake was amazing and so were the treats!!!

I have recommended you to everyone!!!



Best Birthday cake ever!

Elaine made the absolute best bday cake for my dog Jax. I requested a custom cake (a Rubik’s Cube) and she took on the challenge. I was blown away. Completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did it look fantastic, but it was a total hit with all the pups at daycare. The entire process was fantastic. The planning, communication and delivery. I can’t that her enough for making my dog’s 3rd birthday the absolute best it could be. If you have found this review and her website, you have found they best person to make your pets party as awesome as you imagine it to be. Thanks again Elaine. You really rocked it!!!!

Kevin J

Not an ad, we just love a local legend!

Elaine is a master of her craft creating the cutest, most nutritious, healthy and limited ingredient snacks for our pooches. @elainescaninecookies has BLOWN US AWAY with these Valentine’s Day boxes. She even went the extra mile and made home made carob/bacon “chocolates”!! Obsessed. They are dehydrated so they’ll last awhile (not in this house but that’s springs secret)!

Char S




Stanley loves her cakes!

Stanley loves Elaine’s cookies, pup cakes and cakes. I love knowing it is human grade quality and they are freshly made, never mind how gorgeous they are.

R Pierce




Awesome Cakes!! Katie absolutely loved her cake beef liver. Elaine did a Awesome job decorating our little Princess ‘s cake!! Elaine is great to deal with totally recommend her. I will order for Teddy ‘s birthday next March! This was by far the dogs favorite cake they were asking for seconds!!!

K. Ka





Bernie LOVED his cake!

Thank you sooo much for making Bernie’s cake for his first birthday!
It was absolutely the cutest and perfectly decorated cake ever!!
He loved it and tried to eat it whole!! hahaha!
Bernie had the best birthday and would love to eat cake everyday!!
 Thank you again!! 🙂
Stacie  P




My dog has lots of allergies, and Elaine made a special cake just for him!

I am so glad I got a cake from here. My dog has so many allergies such as all grains and proteins but I told them what he is allergic to and they didn’t even use egg in the cake(one of my dogs allergies). They were amazing! They emailed me all ingredients and everything! My dog loved the birthday cake! Will definitely order from them again! Highly recommend them!

M. Thompson





We LOVED the cake Elaine made!

We loved the cake Elaine baked for our dog. She provided great customer service, was very responsive, and even met our needs on short notice. We will definitely be coming back for more!


Elaine clearly loves her work!

Great service, beautiful cake and clearly loves her work!


I love the clean ingredients!

I won a basket of Elaine’s dog treats from Cloverdale Country Farm Market and my puppy loves them all!! His favourites are between the deluxe beef bone treats and bacon & cheese crunchy bones. I am amazed by how clean the ingredient lists are… this dog is eating better than me! I will definitely be buying some more in the near future. Thank you Elaine!





Amazing baker!

Amazing Baker my dog absolutely loved the cake!

L . Gill




Jello had a great pawty!

Here’s what Jello said: “We had such a fun time! ❤️ Thank you so much for making my 1st birthday cake 🎂, it was a hit with all my friends!! Hope to get another one ☝️ for next year too 🥳

My dogs absolutely loved the beautiful cake I ordered from Elaine’s!

Her website is user friendly and I was able to pick what I wanted on the cake and what shape and the colour of the icing etc.   I ordered on line and was able to pick it up from my local pet store! I highly recommend her products!

Dorothy Craig

Made with Love, and natural ingredients!

We were first introduced to Elaine’s dog biscuits through our Doggy Day Care. We love the Pup Cakes, her biscuits and her Canine Birthday Cakes. All the ingredients are local, natural and dog- tested. Most of all, they are made with Love! 🥰 🐾

Sheilagh Carroll Mans


Teddy and Katie are in love with your cakes!

Huge Big Thank you Elaine!!! The cake is awesome and donuts perfect size. Teddy and Katie are in love with your cakes and now donuts as well. You make awesome products. Thank you again for making Teddy’s day special. Seems like we will have to celebrate with different cakes throughout the year. Teddy and Katie say Yummy in their tummy!!

Kelly K

I highly recommend these cookies and pupcakes!

Elaine’s Canine Cookies are a fantastic trail snack, special treat for a good dog, training tool (high value) and above all great for sharing with other pups! I highly recommend these cookies and pupcakes! We will be ordering Bobby’s birthday cake when the time comes.

Lisa Caillier


Fantastic customer service!

Responds quickly to messages and great suggestions and really works with you on your order. My Pup Bear loves her goodies. He brought some to daycare for his pals and they had a great time devouring the treats. Thanks Elaine! I will definitely be ordering again 💕

Christine Lightheart Bramwell 

Elaine’s biscuits are simply delicious, top of the food chain!

(Confession: I ate a corner and I want more…)

 Katie McCormick


Communication was excellent, product even better!

Lucky for me I knew about Elaine as I deliver her mail:) her communication was excellent, product even better! Thanks for making Stanley’s birthday even cuter than I thought! My pups loved the cake. My other dogs birthday is in March, I’ll be back:)

Danielle Joyce

Elaine’s cakes are the only ones Texas will actually eat!

The only dog cakes Texas will actually eat. Every year I get my boys a birthday cake to celebrate their birthdays. Texas has always licked the icing off and left the rest. Not with Elaine’s cakes though. He eats the whole thing and then tries to steal his brothers piece as well. He’ll be celebrating his 10th birthday soon with an extra special cake from Elaine’s.

Sheree Sutherland

Would recommend Elaine’s Canine Cookies any day!

“I would recommend Elaine’s Canine Cookies any day! She was very accommodating to our request, only uses the best ingredients and you can truly tell how much Elaine loves dogs/animals and what she is creating!”

Annalee Noble

Gobbled it right down!

“You can really tell Elaine is very passionate about dogs. And making sure that they are well taken care of. The best part her products are that they are made with human grade ingredients. My boys loved their cake for their birthdays! They gobbled it right down! The neighbours we shared with all said that their dogs also enjoyed it!”

Abby Picard

Recommended her products to all my friends

“Elaine’s gone above and beyond to meet my requests for my dogs birthday cake. She absolutely loved it! She ensured all the highest quality of food being baked for her cake and it believe it, she sure enjoyed that cake! Elaine was easy to get in touch with via Facebook and email. I have recommended her products already to all my friends and will be back for more at Christmas!”

Payton Mackey

5 Stars is an understatement!

“Elaine goes above and beyond to deliver a wholesome and delicious product that my dogs are crazy for! She has such a wide variety of treats and cakes, bagels and biscuits, and seasonal goodie bags that I love to give to all my pet owning friends. The quality of her ingredients and the detail in her decorations and packaging are amazing! I won’t go to an agility or nose work class without a package of her high value treats for optimal training with my pup. 5 Stars is an understatement!”

Justine Annandale


Will do just about anything for your treats

“Ruckus and Piper will do just about anything for your treats! They can’t help drooling over your high value treats!”

Avyn Duimel


Scrummy, yummy and crunchy to eat!

“I has found a tasty treat,
That’s really healthy for me to eat.
They are scrummy, yummy and crunchy to eat,
Elaine’s Canine Cookies are my favourite treat!”

Yana, via Mum Fiona Foley


High-value treats are exceptional for training

“As a long time dog trainer and competitor, I know the value of paying the dogs with something they really want! Because, as in many things in life, “you get what you pay for”. In this way, Elaine’s high-value treats are exceptional for training. She uses what the dogs like and only good quality ingredients. The treat itself is easy to break and doesn’t crumble which makes it perfect for training. Even though some dogs have allergies and a few have fussy palates, my students have found just the right treat for their dog from Elaine. I highly recommend Elaine’s treats and I’m pretty sure my dogs do, too!”

Ann Gunderson


Healthy living for all dogs

“As a volunteer for German Shepherd Rescue of BC, we have been enjoying Elaine’s Canine Cookies for years. She has always donated cookies and treats to our various fundraisers AND they have sold “like hot cakes”! Being a rescue we want to promote responsible dog ownership and healthy living for all dogs and I’m thrilled with Elaine’s choice of healthy ingredients. And, of course, my hooligans love them!”

Gerry, German Shepherd Rescue of BC


I know the sound of that bag!

“OH!!!… I know the sound of that bag… hopefully it means Elaine’s Health Bars or her Peanut Butter and Cheese cookies! Oh oh, I’m drooling… hurry up, hurry up…. Here I am sitting and waiting patiently – ahhhhhh… yumyumyum… by chance, is there another one???”

As interpreted by Pippa’s mom, Nancy Arbuckle


I never start my class without a pocket full of Elaine’s treats!

“I absolutely love using Elaine’s home made canine cookies for both my own dog and the dogs I work with! My dog Artoo and I take part in the dog sport “NoseWork” and since we’ve started using Elaine’s treats, he’s actually shortened his search time! As it turn out, he may have a knack for actual scent detection!

As for the dogs I work with, I work at the local animal shelter [Delta Community Animal Shelter], and the dogs there are generally very stressed and upset. A side effect of stress tends to be a lack of appetite, or pickiness with treats, and since I’ve been using Elaine’s treats, I’m now able to get even the most “stubborn” of dogs to take part and most importantly, enjoy training time!

Being a dog trainer, I also teach classes for dogs – I never start my class without a pocket full of treats! Works every time!”

Melanie Ellis


Have our dogs full attention

“Elaine’s cookies have both our dogs, Tia & Tanner’s full attention when I bring them out. We have tried the Chicken Bones and Beef Bones and the high value training treats. And they all have the same effect. You sure can tell they’re made with love. We like what they have and don’t have in them. Elaine’s personal touch is an added bonus that makes us feel special with every purchase. Thanks for being the best Elaine.”

Cheryl, Jeffrey, Tia & Tanner Craig


Yummy delicious

“We love Elaine’s Canine Cookies – Mom uses them as high value treats in training, and for treats when my little brother Bentley and me are good. Yummy delicious – love the salmon!”

Brindi & Bentley

WOW and WOW again!

“Just have to say WOW and WOW again… Muffie loves her new potato/mackerel treats, I mean she LOVES those treats… almost takes my fingers off and I have been sprinkling some on her meals as well… a little enticement. The best news is that she does not react at all… absolutely no scratching with the potato flour! Yippee!”

[Muffie is an 18 year old Westie, allergic to almost all foods, so I created a special treat for her – Muffie’s Mackerel Treats]

Nancy Arbuckle


Maybe it’s the love she tastes!

“Elaine’s Canine Cookies are the best. Homemade peanut butter and cheddar cheese – even we don’t eat that well! Sheba always knows when I’ve picked up a bag of treats and reminds me when I forget them in my purse. For a fussy snacker, she’s never turned down one of Elaine’s homemade cookies. Maybe it’s the love she tastes.”

Linda Enns


Dogs go wild every time the refrigerator is opened

“Elaine’s Canine Cookies are so amazing that my girls, Charlie Sheen and Ms. Lizzie, go wild every time the refrigerator is opened! I prefer Elaine’s because of the quality of the ingredients and the love that goes into them.

Thank you Elaine! Love, Charlie Sheen and Ms. Lizzie”

Rebecca Darnell


She loves them!

“Willow has no recall except on her on timetable. I carry a lot of treats when we are walking to bribe her. With store bought treats I am always wondering – what chemicals am I feeding her? With Elaine’s Cookies, I know it is human grade food. They are small, which is good when being used often, as they are in Willow’s case. And she loves them!”

Nancy Bain


Elaine’s Treats have become a mainstay in our dog’s daily food ritual

“We have been feeding our dog Elaine’s Canine treats for as long as Elaine has been running her “Elaine’s Canine Cookies” business. Our Siberian Husky, Ferlin, is a very fussy eater. It took us almost 3 years to come across a dog food that he finally would eat. We have gone through at least 5 different brands of food before we came across the brand he now eats. Needless to say that when we were sent some treats for him by Elaine, and he devoured them, it was something to behold.

All the natural ingredients that Elaine uses are what attracted us to these treats, and apparently attracted Ferlin to them as well. He is a big fan of her meaty treats and will do just about anything one asks of him to get them. They have become a mainstay in his daily food ritual and he becomes quite annoyed if we run out of them. Home made and with all natural ingredients, no preservative etc., is what we feel makes the difference for our dog. The added love and care Elaine puts into her recipes does not hurt either. We highly recommend Elaine’s Canine Cookies.

Thanks Elaine!”

Klaus, Maureen and Ferlin Kahle


May never go back to store bought treats

“Once you dog has tried some of Elaine’s Canine Cookies, he may never go back to store bought treats. Using only ingredients that has been carefully selected, Elaine’s dog treats are all made from 100% human grade ingredients. My dog Ares loves all kinds of dog treats. He’s a Lab after all. But Elaine’s dog treats, takes his love for food to a whole new level. Her homemade gourmet dog treats are nutritious and delicious. Made for dogs but good enough for humans, Elaine’s Canine Cookies will keep your dog healthy and happy. Ares can’t get enough of them.”


Love these amazing treats

“Bella and T-bone wait for Elaine’s canine treats! They love these amazing treats. T-bone has sensitive skin so he has to so careful with treats but has no problem with Elaine’s canine treats.

Bella jumping through hoops for Elaine’s Canine treats, while T-bone waits for his treat.”

Debbie Lilly

Healthy and delicious for the pups

“We had an awesome experience with Elaine and her pack! She made a turkey, chia and cranberry cake for my dogs 5th birthday and he absolutely loved it. Her products are healthy and delicious for the pups and I can’t thank her enough! She was also a pleasure to work with, flexible and had quick response times over email! Thanks again Elaine, Jaxson, Bella & Ms. Triggs.”

Hayley Flower

Pricing is great value for the quality of product

“Elaine’s treats are always met with great enthusiasm by my dog. I so appreciate her efforts to educate herself about healthy ingredients and pass the benefits on to her customers. I also love knowing the treats are freshly prepared. There is enough variety to work for different dog diets and the pricing is great value for the quality of product provided. Elaine’s service is excellent and I highly recommend her products. I look forward to my first cake order!”

Tanya Hodgson-Schoenroth

Only makes the best treats possible

“Elaine’s treats are loved by all the dogs at the dog park! I have purchased several varieties and my dog Ursa loves them.

I am pleased that she has a commitment to using only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. Seeing Elaine almost daily at the dog park, I know she has integrity and loves our canine friends and would only make the best treats possible. I like that she uses only natural ingredients such as beets and turmeric to produce her coloured icings. Her doggy cakes and cupcakes look delicious and I’ve seen the lucky doggies devour them at a party! Not only do they look so good, I know they are healthy as well. Highly recommended!!”

Karen Tober

My dog absolutely loves her treats

“Elaine is wonderful to work with. My dog has severe allergies and she works hard to figure out what special treats she can make to match her diet. My dog absolutely loves her treats from Elaine!”

Jessica Haughton

Elaine bakes with her heart

“Elaine bakes with her heart. Her cakes and treats are even the pickiest of dogs driving force. Every bday or special occassion needs to include simething special for our four legged friends. I have talked to Elaine about her passion for real human grade ingredients and that is what makes her treats my choice for the dogs in my life. As well you cant go wrong supporting someone local who has generously volunteered her time (and treats) to help vulnerable animals in her community. And Elaine has done that time and time again. Thanks Elaine for caring so much and for making our dogs love life a little bit more!”

Sarah Lowejo

Thrilled that these treats are made with healthy ingredients

“Reugger and Jackson LOVE Elaine’s Canine Cookies! ALL flavours!! I’m thrilled that these treats are made with healthy ingredients and local. Elaine has a special place in our hearts as she supports many rescue organizations including German Shepherd Rescue of BC. The dogs are lucky to have you in their corner!”

Gerry Phillips

Gobbled them up!

“There must be a battle for the #1 fan of Elaine’ Canine Cookies. My dog, Nash, and every dog I’ve given his treats to, have gobbled them up! Really good to know they’re made of human-grade ingredients too. Tasty—important to the dogs—and perfectly nutritious—important to me!”

Sherle Raitt

All natural health boosts for my dogs

“It’s always embarrassing when my dog Rocky spots Elaine at the dog park. He will not leave her alone. Rocky… my “picky” Husky devours treats we get from Elaine. I love that I can recognize all the ingredients she puts in the treats. They are all natural health boosts for my dogs. We love giving her treats to them and feel really good about it… thank you Elaine!!!”

Lindsay McCormick

Highly recommend Elaine and her products

“Absolutely love these cookies! I have a street dog from Taiwan name Ellie who can be incredibly picky about her treats. In addition to her pickiness, she also has some allergies to certain foods. Elaine not only made cookies for her that were custom to her diet, but were also 100% Ellie taste test approved.

I highly recommend Elaine and her products. Quality ingredients, no fillers, and you can tell each cookie is made with care and love. Be sure to check her out! She also makes amazing dog birthday cakes (also Ellie approved).”

Erin Silo