Quality Guarantee

High Quality Human Grade Ingredients

Elaine’s Canine Cookies guarantees that all products are freshly made from only the highest quality human grade ingredients.

  • all Canadian grade A meats and poultry
  • local fruits and vegetables, organic where possible
  • no added refined sugars, salt, preservatives or chemicals added

Storage & Shelf Life

The health and well-being of dogs who enjoy my treats is my first and foremost concern. Our packaging describes the ingredients of each cookie as well as the storage instructions.

Because these treats are home baked fresh, they should be stored as per label instructions. If you have any leftovers make sure you check for possible spoilage before feeding to your pet.

Usual shelf life for treats stored as per instructions is:

  • Hard Cookies – 20 weeks in cupboard (airtight container), 6 months in freezer
  • Cakes  – 1 week in refrigerator, 3 months in freezer
  • High Value Training Treats – 1 month in refrigerator, 6 months in freezer

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, please call me at 604.240.0237 or email me at info@elainescaninecookies.com.