Homemade Gourmet Dog Treats,Cookies, Cakes and Pupcakes, made in Small Batches… with Love!

At Elaine’s Canine Cookies & Cakes, I am always challenging myself to produce high grade, high value treats that dogs drool over and are actually GOOD for them too! If you don’t believe your dog and his drool — just check our ingredient labels against any others!
So what makes us different from everyone else?
Our treats are hand cut, rolled and baked from scratch in my kitchen. They are made with only with human grade proteins, my homemade broths & peanut butters and high end ingredients that are really nutritious for our pets. Living in Ladner BC, I am so lucky to have farm fresh fruits, and vegetables, and freshly caught salmon readily available to put into my treat recipes.
Would you consider eating store bought dog treats yourself? Probably not, but why? Because you know they are full of chemicals, fillers, preservatives and lets be honest, suspect ingredients.
I started Elaine’s Canine Cookies several years ago, after a long, frustrating and  unsuccessful search to find commercial treats my allergic dog could consume safely. Ingredient lists of most commercial dog treats make for some pretty scary bedtime reading.
If you feel so inclined, you can actually share our treats along with your dog, because they are made with 100 % human grade ingredients that are good for us humans too!   A small caution though –  you might need to add some jam or cream cheese to satisfy your palate,  because you’ll  never find any  “bad stuff” in our treats – no refined sugars, salt, or chemicals, and no preservatives! And –  your dog may not be too impressed with having to share their treats with you!
And YES! – we cater to special dietary needs!

Jaxson Taste Tester

Meet Our In-House
Taste Testers

Jaxson, Bella and Ms. Triggs, our in-house Taste Testers, make sure that every treat is the right taste and consistency – they take their job very, very seriously! No batch of cookies ever gets packaged without their taste test and stamp of approval!

Meet Our Taste Testers